Trends of GPS Tracking System: Smart Phone for Vehicles

Trends of GPS Tracking System: Smart Phone for Vehicles

Nowadays GPS tracking system is becoming more and more popular all over the world in personal security, fleet management, pet protection, asset tracking, etc.

As the Smart phones to users, GPS tracking system also will be the Iphone or Android phone for vehicles. More and More bus & taxi companies, logistics companies and fleets focus on the security, productivity, less expenses and maintenance of their vehicles. How to realize such monitoring and control on vehicles? First we need a web based tracking software platform which tells you real time data like positions, speed, etc, also the driver behavior can be analysed thoroughly------owners or managers can evaluate and adjust the driver behavior to make most of vehicles for the sake of maintenance, expenses, efficiency. Software platform stores valuable data in database. It's also better for security, some software stores pictures or video transmitted via 3G from terminal.

The Most important thing is the data terminal hardware, which makes the tracking platform touch the real objects: vehicles.

You should still remember that cell phones invented by Motorola years ago only supported two way voice conversation. But now cell phones become smart phones which integrate many functions like MP3 player, radio, camera, sound recorder, internet surfing, etc.

GPS tracking system would also play a key role in fleet management like smart phones role in our daily life.

GPS tracking system would integrate more and more other products which are still designed and manufactured by different companies. Also people think normally these products belong to different fields. In the future, GPS Tracking system would integrate things as below:

MDVR, car alarm, data logger, tire pressure monitoring system, GPS navigator, Automotive diagnostic system, bus stop announcer, MID, etc.

These things will strengthen GPS trackers in security, car maintenance, cost reduction of fleet management. Now developers and engineers should find a better and fast MCU for running these things.

For instance, the designers can integrate the GPS tracking system with the tire pressure monitoring system. This integration can allow fleet owners or fleet managers to check the tires status in real time. The current TPMS only serve the drivers with displays which can show the locations of tires, their pressure value, temperature. But if developers make the tire pressure sensors transmit the data to GPS trackers. GPS trackers would send comprehensive data via GPRS /3G network to server. This realizes the monitoring on tires also.

We are aiming to offer the integration of GPS tracking and TPMS: