FAQ for tire pressure monitoring system

FAQ for tire pressure monitoring system

How does the tire pressure flasher work?

--------Simply, the device will blink RED if the tire pressure is lower than pre-calibrated value; it doesn't blink if the tire
           pressure is higher than pre-calibrated value.

In which kinds of vehicles can the tire pressure flasher be used?

--------It can be used in most kinds of vehicles: bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses, even OTR tires due to the large
         detection range: 3psi to 300psi.

How do we use the tire pressure alarm flasher?

--------Please check here for more info about the user manual.

Is it easily stolen?

--------No, it isn't. It's anti-theft design with special keys and an anti-theft sleeve. If somebody wants to take them away or
         set the tire pressure into the TPMS, They should use the special keys.

Any accessories come with tire pressure alarm flasher?

--------There are two keys for the TPMS. One is metal key and the other is plastic key. You use both for installing and
          uninstalling TPMS, also setting the tire pressure value.

How about the accuracy?

--------The Accuracy: +- 1.5psi.
          For example, if you set the 30psi value into the tire pressure cap, when the tire pressure drops to about 28.5psi to
          31.5psi, The TPMS would start to blink as alarm.

Does the temperature affect the accuracy of tire pressure flasher?

--------No, it doesn't. Our design is especially affected

How do you test them?

--------we made special testing tools as shown below: testing tool for tire pressure monitor
we would leave the finished product blinking for 24 hours, and go through the air tight test, waterproof test, etc.