Products: GPS Tracking Solution

Model No.: Solar 3G GPS tracker

3G Solar long-standing GPS Tracking Device

It has been designed for challenging conditions such as trailers, containers, boxcars, mining equipment, stationary and remote asset monitoring where permanent DC power supply is not always available. This robust all in one unit offers Solar panel, IP68 rating, large battery capacity, and the added advantage of a solar panel interface. The unit has been rigorously tested on the trailer and remote assets for than 4+ year with the design upgraded several times after the test results gained from real installation.


● 2 Operating Scenarios
● SOAR - Distance/Time/Veer
● SOLO - Periodic Beacon
● All in one with solar panel
● Tamper Resistant Enclosure
● Temperature Monitoring
● OTA firmware/Configuration


Industry level ULTRA LOW Consumption MCU
● Power consumption uA level
● Complete device consumption less than 1 mA in sleep mode
● Working mode standby consumption 25mA
● Peak value 50mA when unit is sending data to server

Solar Panel Output: Maximum 1000mA output
● Unit Power Consumption: Less than 1mA in longstandby mode
Sleep mode: 14mA
Standby mode: 25mA
● Power Supply Mode: DC, Solar panael or both
● Solar Panel Dimension: 310* 195mm

Smart Power Management
● 15000mAh Battery Built in
● Smart charging with both DC/Solar
● Power Supply Mode: DC, Solar panael or both

Power Supply: DC 9-45V
● Sim Card Socket: Micro SIM Card
● Micro USB: For Firmware update, log capature by USB directly(no extra driver needed)
● Inner Memory: 16Mb SST flash loggin in blackspot 3G area
● Digital Input; 1 for DC detection, Plus 1 extra positive and negative trigger
● Digital Output: 2 for relay activation
● 1-wire: for temperature sensor(with3.3v and GND)
● Analog input: 1 for detecting voltage level

Ublox M8N (72-channel u-blox M8 engine)
all GNSS compatible: GPS, SBAS, QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo
● Sensitivity: Tracking & Nav: –167 dBm
● Cold start: –148dBm | Hot start: –157dBm
● Position Accuracy: 2.0m CEP
● Acquisition: Cold starts: 26s | Aided starts: 2s | Reacquisition: 1s

Telit xE910 3G module
● Quad Band GSM/GPRS,HSPA in 850/900/2100Mhz
● Quad Band GSM/GPRS,HSPA in 850/900/1700/1900/2100Mhz
● Transmit Protocol UDP, TCP, SMS
● TAG Protocol Provides a full event list to cover the different situations for the fleet industry.
gps tracking device solar powered long standing battery for trailers gps tracking device solar powered long standing battery for trailers

We Can apply this device in where?

Box Cars
Mining Equipments
Remote Assets


Optional: magnets


gps tracking device at09-3g