Auto electronics market Analysis

Auto electronics market Analysis

Connected car is one big area that has been swept by the revolutionizing concept called Internet of Things (IoT). Tata Elxsi‘s embedded product engineering business cuts across the key segments like Automotive, Telecom and Consumer Electronics where the adoption of M2M / Internet of things promises to make a big difference to the automotive world.

The widespread adoption of hand held devices like Smartphone and tablets have been influencing the automotive industry to change the customer driving experience. Presently, the user can enter a car and pair his / her smart phone to the Head unit and do a whole set of functions like call, navigation, playing audio/video etc. Soon the expensive infotainment head units could get replaced with smart phones or tablets with numerous applications like cloud based navigation, fuel reminders, driver profile, locating parked vehicles, real-time traffic scenario, battery state of charge, emergency/service assist, remote vehicle interaction etc. which will be more ground-breaking.

As the electronics that goes into a car evolves at a rapid pace and the car progresses from an isolated unit to a networked/connected unit, cars are becoming increasingly vulnerable to malicious attacks. With the current advancements such as users being able to connect their personal devices like the tablet and the cell phone to the car, access to cloud computing, car to car and car to infrastructure communications, there is nothing to stop anyone with malicious intent and with some computer-programming skills to gain access to the vehicle ECUs and take control of the vehicle. Tata Elxsi is working on building security platforms like secured gateway modules which shall act as a central point for the wired and wireless networks and prevents unauthorized usage.

The Auto industry is giving plenty of attention to the advanced driver assistance systems (ADASs) that will one day be linked together to provide autonomous driving. ADAS is the next big wave where we at TE are also committed towards making the car become more safer by developing Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) like Lane departure warning that alerts the driver if he / she veers away from the lanes, drowsiness detection system to warn if the driver gets drowsy behind the wheel, blind spot monitoring that enables one to see areas around the car that you could never see with standard mirrors and so on.

With increasing fuel costs and pollution levels, the future of the industry depends mainly on alternative fuels and alternate mobility sources like fuel cells, solar powered etc. The challenge for companies will be to come up with newer engines and transmission systems which will be less polluting and at the same time highly fuel efficient and performance oriented.