Model No.: TS06

Products: Web Based GPS Tracking Software

Powerful and Multi-functional Web Based GPS Tracking Software

It is a server-based tracking software platform for web based GPS tracking. With this and our trackers, you can track vehicles or other objects with real time location information in a standard web browser.
You can view tracker’s historical information in the user’s interface. Reports and alarm information are also available for user’s checking and analysis.
You can configure the tracker by GPRS receive alarms, such as SOS, speeding, ignition on/off, etc.
You can create an admin account, and from there, create sub-accounts (user accounts) for your clients or members to login and track.  

check the GPS Tracking Software platform:

          account: demo;    password: demo

Software Description

• Online tracking vehicles list: flexible tracking list display. Online /offline indication
• Group type: Default ; device type; client Name; Owner name; Owner Telephone; Owner Address
• Mouse-on display: 
     Asset name; device ID; Time; Address; Device state; Asset Status( engine, door, vibration, occupation);
     Alarm state; Speed(km/h); Fuel (%); mileage(km); Temp (° C);  GPS signal; GSM signal; Direction(° );
    Longitude; latitude;
• Operation showing on map: monitor; display; trace;  free; clear ; release

Device operation shortcuts:
(Communication with gps tracker devices)
• Locate: locate the vehicle and show it on map;
• Latest locate:  latest tracks today 1 hour;
    latest tracks today 3 hour;
    latest tracks today 6 hour;
    latest tracks today 12 hour;  
    latest tracks today 24 hour;
    clear trackline;
    cancel alarm; • voice monitoring;

• take photo;

• show last photo;

• camera overseen: (check these photos in list)
    amount: 1 photo show; 2 photos show; 4 photos show; 6 photos show; 8 photos show; 9 photos show;
    camera ID;
    photo pixel;
    take photo speed:
       auto take photo; interval 10 seconds; interval 20 seconds; interval 30 seconds;
       interval 45 seconds; interval 1 minute; interval 15 minutes; interval 30 minutes
    photo properties:  brightness;  contrast; saturation; hue

• immobilizer: enable; disable

• door lock; door unlock

• arm / disarm

• monitoring task assign:
• activate assign; deactivate assign
• mileage / Fuel

• set Horn alarm: open horn alarm; stop horn alarm

• call function setup: forbid call out; forbid call in | resume call function

• Temperature data alarm limit: lower limit | upper limit

• Reboot;    

• Device Reset;

• Setup Time Interval;

• Setup speed limit (km/h);

• Setup mileage: initialize OBD mileage | Reset terminal mileage

• Set car fuel tank size (L);

• Fuel calibration: fuel level with voltage relation;

• Set mobile phone sms alert;

• Set the email for alarm;

• Send message;

• Forbidden driving time: setup forbidden driving time; cancel driving time limit;

• Travel LogBox
    Acquire travel log data;
    stop travel log data sending;
    setup logbox recording time interval

• setup device password;

• setup server SMS modem number;

• setup IP/port;

• set APN;

Real time data shown on the bottom of monitoring interface:
• Real time data:
       Asset name;  time; address; alarm state; device state; asset status; speed; fuel, mileage; temperature;
       GPS signal; GSM signal; direction; longitude; latitude;

• Alarm Info;
       Asset name; time; address; alarm state; device state; asset status; speed; fuel, mileage; temperature;
       GPS signal; GSM signal; direction; longitude; latitude;

• Fence alarm;
     Asset name; time ; fence name; fence status;  fence alarm;
• Live photo;
• Log info;


• Tracks replay;
• Show trackline;  show detail track info;  filter move data; Trip log report;
• Multi windows history tracking;


• Asset name; fence name; fence type ;
• fence shape: Round; Rectangle; Polygon; Broken Line;
• radius or distance(m);

Multiple reports display

Asset Report:
Trip log report
• Last position report
• Historic photo reports
• Passer-by query report
• Trip parks report
• Limit park report
• Driving report
• Working hours report
• Daily state report
• Excess drive time report
• Idle speed report
• Engine on/off report
• Door open/close report
• Shakes report;
• Mileage report:
• Mileage day statistics chart
• Mileage state chart
• Mileage state report
• Fuel report
• Fuel consumption percent chart
• Fuel consumption volume chart
• Fuel report
• Speed report:
• Speed state chart
• Speed state report
• Temperature report
• Temp state chart
• Temp state report
• Fence report
• Moving-in alarm report;
• Moving-out alarm report;
• In/out fence alarm report;
• In/out station detailed report
• In/out station states report

Detailed alarms report
• Emergency alarm report
• Over-speed alarm report
• Power tamper alarm report
• Crash accident alert report
• Car battery lower voltage alert report
• Emergency help report
• Information service help report
• Original car alarm alert report
• Fatigue driving report
• Engine idle alert report
• Towing alert report
• Driving in forbidden time report
• Temperature high alert report
• Tempperature low alert report
• Fuel steal report
• Illegal engine started report
• Ignition alarm report
• Door open alarm report
• Shake alarm report
• Custom alarm1 report
• Custom alarm2 report
• Custom alarm3 report
• Custom alarm4 report
• Steal alarm report
• Arrearage alarm reports

Management report
• Object;
• Current user RFID info;
• RFID historic records
• RFID last record
• Driver driving statistics report
• Invoice declare
• Invoice history
• Invoice total cost statistics

Reports output:
    In excel file | In word file; | In HTML file | In KML file;


Data manager

• User data:
• Edit user data
• View current user privilege
• User’s notice message
• Sub-user mange
• Sub-user privilege manage
• User another name manage

Car data
Asset manage | Asset Assign | Car batch import


• POI: point of interest
• Setting: 
• alarm alert:
• alarm without notice;
• Mute alarm;
• Alarm with notice

• Asset Icon color definition:
• Moving;  static;  alarm; invalid location
• Asset state:
       Asset number;  monitoring number; non-monitoring number; realtime display; no realtime display;
       valid position-fix number; invalid position

• Server connection status
• Sent data packs;   received data packs; sent bytes;  login time; logged


Support maps: Google map | soso map | MapABC | Bing Map | ArcGIS Map | OpenStreet Map | Jordan Map;
Map tool:
Full screen; street view;   zoom in;  zoom out; default; Zoom all
Distance;  area ; way; address

Multiple languages:

Chinese, English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Polski, Portuguese,

GPS tracking software
System configuration requirement
     Environment required:
         • Windows 2003 or above
         • .Net frame work 3.5 or above
         • Ms SQL2008
         • IIS 6.0 or above
    Hardware configuration
         • Quad Core Xeon proeccor or above
         • 2G memory or above
         • 2000Gb disk or above

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