Products: Fuel Monitoring System

  • Model No.: FL02

    Floater Fuel Level Sensor

  • Special Features:

    • Magnetic field to control the reed on-off Switch,featuring long using life, anti- Vibration,anti-explosion
    • Rated Power :125mW
    • Rated Current for alarm with:500Ma
    • Output signal: 0-5v DC
    • Operating temperature: -40°C-+80°C
    • Resolution: 12mm
    • Materials: SUS304 stainless steel for main body
    • Length range: 100-2000mm. It can be customized according to clients requirements before production
    • Accessories: M5 screws -2 mm thick NBR gasket or recommended 2 mm thick in gas tank.
    • Protection rank :IP67

              fuel level sensor for gps tracker fuel level sensor for fleet management
    seprator for fuel level sensors supporting fleet management


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